Horticultural Lubricants

Viscol 2 Stroke Horticultural Oil

Viscol 2 Stroke Horticultural Oil combines the latest additive technology with high performance base stocks to meet the lubrication requirements of all modern 2 stroke engines. These include chainsaws, lawn mowers, hedge cutters / brush cutters and all other garden equipment. It is suitable as a pre-mix or in an oil injection system.

It meets or exceeds the following specifications:


Viscol 4 Stroke Horticultural Oil

Viscol 4 Stroke Horticultural Oil is a high quality lubricant produced specially for all 4 stroke horticultural engines. These include lawn mowers, generators and stationary engines. It is suitable for all makes of petrol engines and is produced from the highest quality base stocks and additives.

It can be used where a 10W30 or 10W40 oil is specified.

Viscol Chainsaw Horticultural Oil

Viscol Chainsaw Horticultural Oil is a synthetic fortified formulation containing EP additives and long chain polymers to improve adhesion.

Its high quality formula ensures that Viscol Chainsaw Oil resists fling whilst providing superb lubrication to the bar and chain. It extends bar and chain life and reduces drag leading to improved fuel economy.

Viscol Chainsaw Oil is suitable for use with petrol engine and electric chainsaws.